prime rib beef smokie

Triple-A Prime Rib Beef Sausage on an organic brioche bun served with Asian sesame coleslaw, turmeric mayo, red onions, gochujang mayo, cilantro topped with yoghurt pearls.

Vegan British banger

Vegan Sausage on an organic brioche bun served with sesame coleslaw, red onions, soybean veganaise, cilantro topped with green apple pearls.

BACon wrapped onion rings

Delicious juicy bacon wrapped around cut onions breaded with our house mix cooked to perfection in vegetable oil.


            *Catering only upon request*

juicy pork ribs

Delicious juicy pork ribs marinated, smoked and grilled by our house chef. Great with side of fries or salad. No one can beat the quality and price.

            *Catering only upon request*

House mild & spicy pork smokie

Pork Sausage on an organic brioche bun served with gochujang mayo, red onions, black sesame mayo, furikake sprinkles, fried onions topped with green apple pearls and turmeric mayo.

deluxe poutine

Crispy triple coated fries with five-spice gravy, cheese curds, fresh house-made kimchi, gochujang and turmeric tamarind mayo, topped with green onions, fried onions and cilantro.

kabob skewer baguette

Juicy Kabob skewers between soft baguette bun served with house Asian sesame green mix, artichoke somac cheese, bulgogi sauce and turmeric mayo. 

            *Catering only upon request*

chicken & kabob skewers

Soft chicken & kabob meet mixed with greens on skewers smoked and grilled to bring you a tasty healthy option.


            *Catering only upon request*

bulgogi chicken smokie

Chicken Sausage on an organic brioche bun served with bulgogi sauce, Asian sesame coleslaw, red onions, green onions, gochujang mayo, topped with pomegranate pearls.

triple coated crispy fries

Cut from whole potatoes, our fries are triple coated cooked to perfection in a vegetable oil blend.

cevapi styled burgers

Delicious grilled cevapi meat between soft brioche bun with melted mozzarella cheese, crispy fried onions and guacamole.


            *Catering only upon request*

chicken quarter

Chicken breast, wing or thigh marinated with our house spices by our house chef. Excellent with side of fries or salad. The juicy taste will keep your drooling!

            *Catering only upon request*






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