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Our Chef has prepared delicious deluxe gourmet dishes served GMO, preservative and artificial flavour free. Each ingredient is chosen with the highest quality standard, specially catered to deluxe your taste buds. Our seasonal dishes will keep making you crawl back for more!

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- Does dogsnroses cater to corporate events?

Yes. We specialize in corporate events, private parties, family celebrations and more! Check out  to create your own custom menu for your next corporate catering!

- What is the maximum number of guests you can cater?

The Dogsnroses Food Truck is designed to serve any size event. Our team aims to deliver delicious gourmet catering efficiently, leaving you licking the end of your fingertips!

- Do you only cater gourmet sausages?

We cater various different mains all crafted by our house chef! Although we are a gourmet sausage food truck on the regular, we offer different premium dishes for events or private launch & dinners.

- Do you accommodate people with celiac?

Yes, we provide a broad range of main dishes that accommodate vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free individuals.

- how do you ensure your vegan hotdog doesn't contain any trace of meat?

Each ingredient is carefully selected by our house chef to meet the standard of the vegan diet. Apart from being stored separately from any surface that comes into contact with meat, we cook each vegan British Banger (by The Very Good Butchers) sausage freshly on order to give them a juicy taste and guarantee contamination-free. Our brioche buns are made without the use of eggs or any other dairy / animal-based products, the sauces are a mixture of red pepper and turmeric with the popular vegan-mayo to remove the bland taste and let you enjoy the delicious meal as a whole.

- Where in vancouver do you cater?

We cater to private and public events/gatherings from all municipalities from Chilliwack to Squamish! 

- Do the meats in your sausage or any catering item contain fillers or GMO?

All the meat we use in our mains for vending or catering come straight from our local farms! Hand-cut by our house butcher, our sausages, burgers and skewers have no preservatives, are GMO & filler-free! We choose healthy and high-quality meat only for our customers whether it's for catering or regular street food vending!






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